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The Sun and the Moon
Now the story of the sun and moon is a different one. In the days of old the sun and moon, like the other stars and planets, swung unguided across the heavens. During this time there was a man that lived on Earth by the name of Mundilfari. It is unknown whether he was of the race of giants or a poor relation to the gods. Mundilfari had two children so bright and beautiful that he thought nothing could compare to them except the sun and the moon, so he named the girl Sun and the by Moon. As can be expected when the gods heard of this they were less than pleased. The gods snatched the children from there Father and put them to work.

They made the girl, Sun, ride on one of the horses pulling the chariot of the sun. The horses are known a Early-Wake and Supreme-in-Strength. So now year turns to decade and decade to century and still they follow their path across the heavens till the end of time. Because of the intense heat of the sun that would burn anything living to cinder the gods placed an indestructible shield between the horses and the chariot, this shield is known a Svlin or Iron-cool, to protect both the horses and Sun from the heat of the sun.

Sun's brother's duties were more complicated in nature, for the moon waxes and wanes each month and is never the same for two straight days. Moon could not manage his work by himself so he kidnapped two children from earth. The children were Bil and his sister Yuki who had been sent up a high mountain by their Father to fetch water from the well. As Moon drove by on his glowing chariot he snatched the unsuspecting children off the mountain top. On a clear night one may still see them, people on Earth call them the children in the moon. It is they who make the moon wax and wane although no one is quite sure how.

And yet there is another more sinister side to the story. There is more to the fact of the sun and moon racing across the heavens than the simple fact that they are being drawn by galloping horses, no they also have a far more dangerous reason for their haste and that is that they are being chased by wolves. Now, a long way away to the east of Midgard, where winter and darkness reign, dwell evil witches-troll women known as Ironwooders. The worst of these witches became the mother of dozens of giants who were all born in the form of wolves. The Father of these wolves was himself a wolf or at least a werewolf and he was known as Fenrir. His cubs grew to such enormous size that the powers of evil were able to set them like dogs onto the sun and moon. The sun and moon posses no escape from the giant wolves and so are doomed to flee till the end of time.
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