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The Death of Fionn
Fionn led the Fenians for many years. He even managed to kill his father's murderer.

There was a prophecy that Fionn would die during a certain year in Ireland. So when that year came he decided to go to Scotland.

The Fenians didn't want him to leave so they promised to keep him entertained in each of their homes for the year. He couldn't refuse their offer.

The first home he went to was that of Fer-tai, his father's murderer's son-in-law, and his son, Fer-li.

Fer-li wished for revenge against his grandfather's murderer.

Fionn was sitting at a great feat table when he heard an uproar. Fer-li accused Fionn's men of stealing livestock and killing the farmers. Fionn promised to replace two livestock for every one stolen, but Fer-li would hear nothing of it and fighting broke out.

Fer-tai tried to stop the battle and to protect Fionn but nothing could curb Fer-li until his mother came and threw him out, but not before he challenged Fionn to a battle.

The following morning Fionn tried to make peace and Fer-tai would have accepted them but his son lusted after revenge.

Eventually, after attempts at peace from Fionn, every thing degenerated into battle.

It took a long time, but the Fenians were defeated by the army of Fer-li, for the Fenians were a mere 150 while Fer-li's army was 3000 strong.

People from the Otherworld came and carried Fionn and his warriors to the sidh where they lie, sleeping with their weapons and horses, until the trumpets sound to signal that their country is in peril again.

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