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Night and Day
Narfi was one of the first giants to colonize Jotunheim. Narfi had a beautiful daughter called Night. Night was unlike the other Viking women in appearance with dusky hair and a dark complexion, her appearance was enhanced by the bright stars she wore in her long hair. As can be expected many men wished to marry Night and so it came to pass that she married three husbands one after the other.

The first husband Night took was known as Naglfari or Darkling, and who may have been a distant cousin of hers. Night's first marriage did not last long but she did bear a son by Naglfari and he was called Space. However there is some mystery surrounding Night's second marriage. No one ever called him anything other than 'Another', it could be that this was only a bye-name, one used to disguise his true identity. One of the few facts known about him is that he was not a giant, one could speculate that if he was not a giant then he had to have been a God for no other beings were created at that time.

None the less Night and 'Another' produced a lovely daughter named Earth, of all the Gods only Odin himself had a daughter by that name - so one is left with an interesting question. Night's third husband was called Delling, which means Dawn. There is no doubt that Delling was a relative of the Gods and as his name shows he was bright and fair. They had a son named Day who took after his Father in appearance.

The Gods knew about Night and her various children and decided to work them into their plans for the Universe. It was decided that each twenty-four hours should be divided in two, and that half should be light and the other half dark. The gods gave Night and her son Day each a chariot and a pair of horses and sent them up into the heavens to drive around the Earth in twelve hour shifts one after the other. Night drove her chariot first and with her lead horse called Frostymane drove around the Earth. As Frostymane champed his bit his spittle fell to the earth and that is why each day just before dawn it can be seen gathering in beads upon leaves and flower petals. Behind gallops Day, his chariot drawn by his lead horse Shiningmane. The brightness of Day with his golden hair and his two shining steeds illuminates all of Earth and sky.
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