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Asgard lies above the clouds, the gods enclosure, ruled by Odin, and supported by Yggdrasill. This place was built by Odin and his sons, first the gods erected Gladsheim or Joyous home, it is said that it is the finest building ever constructed. Inside is to be found twelve thrones, where the one higher than the rest being Odin's. Then after that another mansion was built for the goddesses, called Vingolf or Friendly Floor. After the mansions were completed the next thing to be constructed was a workshop, for working with the hands was considered honorable. Within this workshop they placed a forge from which all manner of tools were created. They made metals, stones and wood, the most popular being gold from which Asgard was furnished and utensils and plates were made. That is was this time was known as the Golden age.

In the centre of Asgard stretched a plain known as Idavale, which was adorned with splendid palaces placed upon smooth green lawns: Breidablik or Broad Gleaming which had few equals, there was one whose walls and every room was made of shining gold and the roof was thatched with silver it was known as Glintnit the Shinning. Biforst, the Tremulous way, was the bridge built by the gods between Asgard and Midgard, it was often referred to as the rainbow. To the eye it appears frail but it was built by the gods and thus was extremely strong. The gods cross Bifrost daily to the well of Wyrd, were they sit in Judgment. Thor, the god of thunder and lightning, crosses on foot for the lightning that follows his chariot would shake the delicate balance of the bridge.
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