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Pluto (Hades) was also Zeus brother and ruler of the Infernal Regions, found beneath earth. He was also the god of the dead and of riches, because all precious metals are found beneath the earth. All men were afraid of him, sacrificing black sheep to gain his favour. No temples were dedicated to him and statues of him were rare. His kingdom, called Hades, was very difficult to access. According to the Romans there was an entrance at Avernus, a volcanic lake not far from Cumae in Southern Italy. The Greeks believed that there was an entrance near the Promontory of Taernarum, in Laconia. Both people believed that once someone entered Hades, it was almost impossible for them to escape. A three-headed dog, called Cerberus, guarded the gate to Hades. Pluto was married to Persephone.

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