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The Sword in the Stone

Arthur knew not that he was the named heir and several lords thought that they should made king. Merlin instructed the Archbishop to call all the important lords to London for Christmas. He said that he would have a miracle to prove which was the rightful heir.

When they all left the church they saw a great marble stone with an anvil in the middle that had a sword thrust in it, up to the hilt.

'Whoever pulls this sword out of this stone and anvil if the rightful king of England' was inscribed around it.

Many tried to remove the sword and none succeeded.

They decided that every day they would try to pull the sword out and to keep everyone in the area until the rightful king was found a jousting tournament was held.

Sir Ector, his son, Sir Kay a new knight and Arthur, Kay's squire, attended the joust. But Sir Kay realised that he had left his sword at their lodgings and sent Arthur to fetch it. But the house was locked and everyone had left, so Arthur went to the church and pulled the sword from the stone, thinking that this was not a good day for Kay to be without a sword.

Kay recognised the sword and tried to pretend that he had pulled it from the stone, but when his father made him swear on a bible he confessed that Arthur had given it to him.

Arthur pulled the sword form the stone several times to prove that he could do it and then Sir Ector told him the truth of how they were not his true father and brother and how Merlin had brought him to them.

Twelve days later all the knights assembled and Arthur pulled the sword for them again. It took several times for all of them, rich and poor alike, to bow before him. That day he was crowned king.

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