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The Death of King Arthur

Sir Lancelot, one of King Arthur's bravest knights and his queen fell in love. Their love was discovered and while Lancelot escaped Queen Guinevere was sentenced to being burnt at the stake.

Lancelot arrived just before the fire was lit and with some knights he led a rescue and took her to his castle in France.

Arthur left his son Mordred in charge and went to retrieve Guinevere. While he was gone Mordred forged documents that said that he had been killed and had in turn been crowned king.

Arthur returned and many battles were fought.

Just before the final confrontation Arthur saw a ghost who told him that if he fought his son the following day he would die. To avoid this he got Mordred to agree to meet between the two armies, with fourteen knights each, and to sign a truce. But he told his warriors that if they saw a blade drawn they were to kill Mordred. Mordred gave his own men those same instructions.

They met and while they were drinking an adder crawled up and bit a knight on the leg. Not even thinking the knight drew his sword to kill it.

The battle raged.

Arthur came at his son with a battle cry and plunged his sword in a deathblow. Knowing that he was dying Mordred sliced his father's head open with his final breath and then died there on the battleground.

Arthur's last knight, Sir Bedivere, carried him from the field. Arthur commanded him to take Excalibur and to throw it into the nearest lake. The knight did not wish to do this for Excalibur was a fine sword so he returned to Arthur with his deed undone.

Arthur questioned him as to what happened when he threw the sword in and he replied that nothing had happened. Arthur knew he was lying and angrily told him to obey his orders.

So the knight took Excalibur and threw it into the lake. A hand reached out and caught it, brandished it three times and then took it into the lake. The Lady of the Lake had reclaimed her sword.

The knight returned and took Arthur to the shore where a barge waited. He placed the king in it and asked the king what he was to do.

The king told him to do as best he could for himself because he was going to Avalon to be healed of his wounds.

With this the barge floated off and disappeared into the mist.

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