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Very little is known about the so called Queen of Darkness. Her gigantic body lies somewhere in the core of Tenebra maze, in a centuries-long deep sleep. That place was a immense and beautiful palace long ago, before being overrun by a mysterious force that turned it into the dark, tortuous, and almost living labyrinth known as Tenebra maze. There are many tales about how this came to pass, and they differ greatly on what role of Déméchrelle had in this transformation.

-Some say that the previous occupants of the palace attempted a ritual that went horribly wrong and summoned Déméchrelle from the abyss.

-Some claim that Déméchrelle was a genie protector of the palace, and that, during a fight, she swallowed a very powerful dark mage in order to protect her masters. Due to the mages protective magic she was only able to digest him slowly, over several years, and during that time she slowly took the darkness of the mage into herself.

-Other dismiss her being a genie and instead say that Déméchrelle was actually a normal human and the queen of the palace before some terrible and mysterious events occurred that turned her into what she is now.

-Another tale says that Déméchrelle was a princess who was banished from the palace after murdering her sisters, and that she returned afterwards for vengeance after making a pact with an entity from a negative dimension.

None of these are completely right, but neither are they totally wrong... it's almost impossible to know the truth but all tales agree on one point: the palace was sealed by a guardian millennia ago and Déméchrelle was put to sleep. Since then, Déméchrelle lies among what is rumored to be piles of fantastic treasure.
Getting too close to her is extremely risky though, as she has sleep-eaten more than a few adventurers, and she is surrounded by countless Wandering nightmares. Those minions are actually part of her and are watching over her sleep. Déméchrelle is also said to have created Five Eyes, the Devourer, centuries ago.
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